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Current Threat Levels

Research shows that spam, viruses and phishing scams cost American businesses billions of dollars annually.
Conduct your business spam and virus free with MailLaunder.

Recently featured in the Chicago Tribune Technology section.

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Businesses and individuals with their own domain name.

Network Administrators who want to improve security by stopping virus attacks at their firewall.

Network Administrators who want to decrease network traffic by eliminating needless bandwidth.

Mail Administrators who want better
performance and reduced email storage.

Businesses that want better protection from email threats.

Individuals who want to stop the spam madness and virus threats.

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Blocks spam and viruses
before they reach your network.

Easy to use, Web-based MailLaunder Quarantine.

MailLaunder is a gateway solution...
No installation is necessary.

Extensive configuration controls allow for easy administration and customization.

Administrators can review filter statistics and email trends.

Virus fingerprints are updated continuously throughout every day.

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